Dr. Leroy Rebello

Inventor and Wellness Enthusiast

I am a wellness enthusiast with knowledge forged from my battle against ailments. What I recommend and preach is based off a fusion of modern science and personal practices and, of course, experience.

My Story

I started out with some serious ailments, and with enough research, I began to realize that wellness was key to my full recovery.

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    The pre-wellness days

    The process that started it all... When I was plagued with illnesses, I questioned if is this was all there was to life. There had to be a way to make things better.

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    Return to form

    With a resolve to discover a solution to spring me back to good health, I began researching on the variety of medical practices until I found one that stuck: Wellness.

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    My gift to the world

    Using the knowledge I had gained from my research, and noticing improvements in my own health and lifestyle, I set out to innovate solutions that could help the common man.

Dr. Leroy

Dr. Leroy Rebello

My thoughts on wellness

The balance

Wellness must be thought of with a Ying-Yang approach. Basically, we're looking at two parts that create a cohesive whole in the realm of wellness: A balanced diet that is tailor to give the body what it wants and an exercise routine that can help strengthen the body physically. All in all, we are looking at an approach that strengthens the body from the inside-out.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to nutrition, the quality of what you consume ultimately determines the effect that it can have on your health. While most of the essential vitamins and minerals can be obtained from whole foods, due to their lack of bio-availability, balancing your diet with selected supplements can create the best for of nutrition that your body can accommodate.

One size does not fit all

With exercise, however, everyone is different. So working in relation to your body's current status is key. That is, one must learn to create an effective nutritional strategy and choose the right kinds of exercises to create a sustainable form of Wellness.

My Ventures

The nutrition powerhouse: Nanocurcumin

Made from turmeric, learn about my greatest invention, nanocurcumin: a nutritional powerhouse with 100x the effectiveness of the superfood turmeric.

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Not just a wellness consultant

Although I mostly deal with nutritional consultations these days, I am also a proud alumni of IIM (Indian Institutes of Management). I can also serve as a business strategist and help you grow your company.


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